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IE consultants facilitate dramatic and lasting change through sophisticated use of presentation modeling, personal coaching, interactive exercises, rehearsal, role-plays, reinforcement practices, and extensive videotaped feedback.

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The four skillsets

IE focuses on four skill sets crucial to successful business communications.

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    1] Effective Delivery

    Cultivate a natural style that projects credibility, confidence, and professionalism. Eliminate distracting idiosyncrasies. Manage energy and attention through skillful communication behaviors such as effective eye contact, vocal intonation, gestures, etc. 

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    2] Compelling and Memorable Content

    Be clear, succinct, and persuasive. Implement a listener-focused strategy for key messages, detail level, visual support, notes, and leave-behind documentation. 

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    3] Interaction & Conflict Management

    Maintain listener engagement. Facilitate stakeholder alignment and buy-in. Handle difficult questions and resistance. Keep conversations positive and forward moving. 

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    4] Listener Adaptability

    Adjust content and approach to meet diverse listeners and levels of technical expertise. Apply appropriate skills to the various communication vehicles -- technical training, sales calls, interviews, email, web and live meetings, video and teleconferences, formal and informal presentations. 

Clients Speak

"Absolutely phenomenal! Compared to five other workshops, this was the best. I was impressed with their attention to detail including developing a way for everyone to carry this experience home… They were caring, sincere, and confidence inspiring.”

Software engineer, Esalen Institute

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